PRAY & PLAY – International Praying and Music Community

Since 24th June 1981 there have been apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). As „Queen of Peace“ she has been sending messages to all the world, in which she calls on us to keep peace between God and mankind. Jesus Christ has given His mother to mankind while hanging on the cross. In her messages she invites us to join her in prayer; she says: „Pray, pray, pray … prayer is joy. Prayer is what the human heart wishes for“ (from her message of 25th November 1994).

The project „Pray and Play“, initiated and led by the musician Hans-Martin Limberg wants to use this as a starting-point for campaigning for a system of balance in this world. „Pray and Play“ is an international prayer and music community which wants to support the work of the Blessed Virgin Mary through prayer and donations at charity concerts. Anyone can cooperate through prayer or donations for the salvation of the world!

The CD series „Super Omnia“ publishes music and texts for praise, worship, and meditation. The CDs can be ordered with a donation (suggested price 5 euros for the CD). There is also the possibility of an MP3 download with a donation. All the proceeds from the charity concerts and the CD publications are donated for humanitarian projects that came into existence through the spirit of Medjugorje.

Inquiries about charity concerts as well as orders for CDs can be done by

Account number for donations: Hans-Martin Limberg, IBAN DE78 4015 4530 0035 8894 27, WELADE3WXXX, Sparkasse Westmünsterland.

May the God of love bless all the friends and supporters of „Pray and Play“!

Kindest regards,
Hans-Martin Limberg

The CDs „Super Omnia“ Vol. 1-6

Hans-Martin Limberg | Sprecher & Vintage Vibe Piano


Manfred Wordtmann | Sopran- und Altsaxophon
Hans-Martin Limberg | Orgel


Hans-Martin Limberg | Piano solo


Hans-Martin Limberg | Text & Musik


Johanna Haecker | Sopran
Stefanie Kneip | Alt
Stefan Kuhlich | Tenor
Anne-Marie Mertens | Cello
Udo Wegmann | Horn
Anne Meyer-Schwickerath | Flöte
Jochen Welle | Schlagzeug
Jürgen Knautz | Mix & Mastering, Bass (Nr. 9 & 12)
Hans-Martin Limberg | Keyboard & Arrangement


Werner Busch | Autor & Sprache
Hans-Martin Limberg | Musik & Sprache
Johanna Haecker | Gesang
Anne Meyer-Schwickerath | Flöte


Diese CD ist auch in Buchform unter erhältlich!


„Pray and Play“ is an international prayer and musician community which wants to support the work of the Blessed Virgin Mary through prayer and donations at charity concerts. A number of humanitarian projects came into existence through the spirit of Medjugorje, for example „Mary’s meals“, the „Mother village“ at Medjugorje, the „fund for families with many children“, the home for the homeless „Lazarus“ or the work of the „Sisters of the Beatitudes“.



The „fund for families with many children“ is trying to help extended families at and around Medjugorje which on account of unemployment, illness or other unforeseen events and strokes of fate find themselves in emergeny situations through no fault  of their own and which are unable to break free from their inhumane situation without help from outside. The work concentrates on families with many children, above all with disabled and very ill children. The aim of the fund is to help the families with a one-off help contribution to free themselves from an emergency situation, which can enable them to cope with their lives once their life conditions have improved. The families do not receive any cash, they receive what they need most: food, medical attention, medication, swaddling clothes, physiotherapy for disabled children, household appliances, furniture, wood for the winter. One core area is the renovation of buildings, for example water supply, adding bathrooms to existing buildings (also handicapped accessible), adding kitchens and bedrooms as well as cesspools; extension of floors, renovation of roofs and building fronts, and, last but not least, creating new residential buildings. If there are fathers in the families, they have to make a personal contribution, which means they have to do the building work themselves as far as they are able to. We will provide the necessary building material little by little. Dear friends, we thank you for your open hearts for the needs of the poor. May we in the coming years be inspired by the spirit of mercy to try together to make this beautiful world, which is entrusted to us, a place in which those who are disadvantaged by fate can live a life which is worth living. May our good God give you His richest blessing!

(Schwanhild Heintschel-Heinegg, director of the fund)

For further information see, „humanitarian projects“